Typical Rates

Every removal is unique.

All removal quotations are based on a number of factors including the location, the distance to be moved, complexity of move (ground floor only or multiple floors?), size of the vehicle needed, number of ‘porters’ and amount of time needed.

Packing Services, boxes and packaging and storage solutions are additional costed items.

Here are some example prices for a typical 3 Bedroom House same day removal- Monday- Thursday

Delivery Mileage


Typical Charge 

    5 Miles

         Includes 30 Boxes and 2 Rolls of Tape

    £399.00 inc

  10 Miles

         Includes 30 Boxes and 2 Rolls of Tape

        £449.00 inc

  20 Miles


        £499.00 inc

  21 Miles & Above

  ———- Quotation Required ———-