Removals Checklist

Moving House can be traumatic. The stress of having your whole world uprooted can have a devastating impact on yourself and your entire family. Where do you start? Packing up your entire house contents can seem like a daunting task, but if you start early and pack a little at a time you will soon have the job done.
But before you go hiding under the bed covers, never to be seen again, there are things you can do to make the process much easier.
The first is plenty of planning; you can never plan too much for a move. Make sure you plan what you are going to take with you to your new home and what can be left behind, given away and thrown out
  • Get Packing materials, Boxes, tape, bubble wrap, and a MARKER.
  • Start packing things that are rarely used, things you will not need before moving i.e. dinner service, ornaments, photo albums etc.
  • Your loft, garage or attic are good places to begin. 
  • Next Pack the things you can live without.
  • Dispose of anything not going to your new house.
  • The last things you should pack are the the essential items that you will need for the last few nights in your old home and the first day in your new home
In the final few days before your move, remember to do the following;
  • Inform utility companies and banks & building societies about moving, also inform the post office of your change of address and if redirection is required.
  • Give your phone company notice of your intended date for moving.
  • Arrange gas/electricity meter reading, and the disconnection / reconnection of appliances.
  • Confirm with your solicitor when you can collect your keys of your new home this will hopefully avoid waiting time.
  • Inform the removal company if access or parking will be a problem at either property.
  • Inform the removal company of any furniture that may need dismantled.
  • Your completed online form will be the basis the removal company checkllist so do let them know if there is something important you’ve overlooked (like a piano asthey'll need specialist equipment for this).
On the day of your move your task is to co-ordinate, leave all the heavy lifting to the professionals.
  • Pack an overnight bag with a change of clothes, toilet roll, a plate and cutlery for each member of the family, some beverages and perhaps the kettle etc and also anything else you may need on the arrival to your new home before the boxes are uloaded and unpacked. 
  • Ensure arrangements have been made for children and pets to be cared for during the move. 
  • If children have a special toy or night light that they sleep with make sure it is packed separately.
  • Take an electricity meter reading, and keep a copy for yourself.
  • If no one is moving in ensure water and power supplies are switched off.
  • Make sure your old home is left secure.